AJ Eagle February


Once upon a time there were three girls and a bear. One girl was Koa, the second girl was me, Taegan, and the third girl was our teacher Mrs. W. There was also a mad bear the ruler of Holly Wood, Shana. the furious bear was mad. He got no honey from Shana his owner. She didn’t have enough time to get any of the honey. “Poor mad bear,” Shana thought.

Then she saw honey dribbling down from his short brown mouth. He got the honey from me, Taegan, Koa, and Mrs. W.

“Oh, yes!” Shana started to dance foot to foot and never stopped. “Hello, hello, nice to meet you,” said Shana shaking our hands firmly. “Bye, bye,” Shana said pushing us out the door. “Goodnight, bye,” said Shana.

After all that we knocked on her door. “Can we sleep with you guys,” we asked Shana and bear.
“Sure,” said Shana and they lived happily ever after.